1. Hi Dan, i asked a while ago where i could trade CMJ stocks with a small amount of money( living in EU). You told me that Interactive Brokers was the place to be. Now i tried making a account to expend my crypto investments in MJ stocks aswell. But on IB i can only start a pro account because lite accounts are for US only. And a pro account needs a liquid net worth of 20.000-49.000eu, what i dont have. Any idea how to help me to get these MJ stocks? 😛 Thanks and love <3

  2. Their is a rumor floating out their that Hadley Ford ceo of Ianthus has been meeting with people from cgc and constellation's. Can we expect a good marital merger to happen with ianthus and cgc? With cgc announcing a new well experienced ceo in Hadley Ford replacing Bruce litton? It would be a win win for both companies. Does anyone have any information on this rumor?

  3. Dan seems like a very nice guy, but I find it crazy that people are willing to pay him to tell them where horizontal support and resistance is.

  4. Boss I love the videos, really appreciate the advice! One thing to note, part of this run-up could be due to the premier of Ontario, Doug Ford announcing that the roll out system currently in place failed and that he now wants 1000's of stores across the province opened up.

  5. Good for you. Was thinking about a joke on jumping the first 30 secs and life-hacking
    … it could be a last bull-trap b4 an spx nose-dive, ridding out weak pocket rocket holders pre-sba. Attenzione

  6. Dan we’ll miss the weekend videos no doubt, but I know exactly what you mean by getting back some precious weekend time and glad you’re doing you. Thanks for the awesome content! Sold my CGC calls mid afternoon and entered a few 11/22 puts. Call it a feeling ?

  7. Your timing is honestly eerie. The whole TLSA comparison and now this is just uncanny. I'm not sure how you are able to "feel" these things that you do, but you are more often right than wrong on this type of thing. Burning house in December is another example. It's just amazing.

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