1. Dan can you start charting KHRN on the CSE its about to break 4 Dollars and looking strong. There are great easy patterns on there way up to trade. Would be nice to get a little insight from you on this chart? It trades very similar to CRON.

  2. Sitting in 17k waiting for SPY to bring the sector down. I’ve learned from my late 17’, early 18’ mistakes with buying at the top of a bull run.
    Thanks as always Dan. Your videos are a wealth of information.

  3. Hey dan, I’ve been watching you and your channel for a couple of years and have learned so much. I did a lot of trading last year and received a 1099-k and am having trouble understanding it. Is it possible for you to maybe touch on this subject to help out us noobs?? Thanks

  4. Thank you so much for the Chillstep recommendation Dan ! I really like it and this genre will now be part of my life just like the your videos ! I hope you are having a great day !

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