1. EVE.V will go over a dollar if anyone's looking for some easy money, they just got their financing from a major canadian bank to complete their million square feet with decent deals already in place

  2. Dan, your videos have helped (and keep helping) me tremendously!
    More and more can I visualize equilibrium and other usual patterns.

    Also I must thank you for showing me IIPR which is still not getting the attention it deserves. Regarding that, what are your thoughts on how the MJ Bill would affect IIPR? Would it have a bearish impact on it as their financing services would no longer be required should banks be allowed to finance MJ companies?

    – one of your Padawan

  3. Thank you so much Dan! Regarding your advice on CXXI, I personally hold a position and think this company has a bright future as some good fundamental investors think the same way. But, I agree with you that some rich guys are ruining it by their insane tweets and pictures from their holdings.

  4. Thanks Dan! When you said TRST needs to break 13.10 and 13.20, do you mean we need to break those resistances and create new support level above 13.20 to give us confirmation of the upwards trend? If so how many support levels above 13.20 would you wait to occur before buying into a swing trade for this stock?

  5. Great analysis! Absolutely there is correlation. Stocks are like a pack of wolves, running together. The broad market is the environment they run in. When the environment is positive the wolves will thrive. When winter sets in, it will be tough on the wolves and easier to see who is the weakest of the pack. Thanks for all your work! Love the Colorado segments.

  6. Great video, new subscriber here, I've been in the marijuana stocks for a year or so now and really appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos. I'm still learning and appreciate your input. Also, glad to hear that you had a great vacation, great pics. ✌️

  7. I know you have so many tickers to cover but if you could squeeze NBEV every once in awhile it would be great! I think you have covered them before. Thanks for all your hard work & so happy to see you have life in balance….work hard; play hard…

  8. Dan can you offer insight as to why when so many names are so bullish, others such as Wayland, Hempco, Planet13 and New Age beverages, which on surface appeared to be good companies, but are fairing so poor. I cant seem to find any solid negative news.

  9. You have taught me so much over the last 2 years, there is no way I could possibly thank you enough for everything. Just know that it's very much appreciated and I'm finally getting to the point where I can send some donations to the "Do Good Things" campaign. There is a whole community of folks whose lives you have changed! Thanks for looking out for us internet strangers!

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