1. TRST: "Sideways, nothing going on. Patiently waiting for a break, who cares."
    TGOD: "Look at the closes. Low, low…..low, low, low, low."
    CWEB: " Sideways, nothing going on. The bulls are playing defense, but nothing on offense."
    IAN: "Time for the bulls to show up if they want to prove anything, and they did not."
    TRUL: "Doing nothing. Sideways, 6 days."

    Lol, Dan sounds like my coach when my teammates and I are playing bad.

  2. What's interesting is that CL had their bull break at exactly the same time that OH dumped, and was up over 7% at one point…then gave almost all of it back

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  4. I made a mistake bought cura close to 10 with a break of 10 as my stop, got stopped and with no bear follow through it bounced up. How many cents lower than a support should my stop be on an example like today? Thx

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