Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 7/15/2019 by

United States and Canadian marijuana stocks technical analysis and update. Marijuana sector run down and update on technical patterns, price resistance and …


  1. can i just say for the millionth time what a beast you are. top top teacher. i am now a beast at trading too thanks to you. smashed the TLRY scale in, smashed OH with you a few weeks back, and now very comfortable playing oversold bounces. COMPletely elminated panic selling from my arsenal, and instead my bad trades have become long term holds. But after watching you for years now one of my biggest goals is to prevent these bad trades and NEVER become a bag holder. I can see you NEVER do that. Its just crazy man, what a great teacher you are and how much ive learned.

  2. When I first started my OG I would make it a point to search the roads outside at night after a good hard rain for nightcrawlers. Filled a few hefty grocery bags full of them over the course of a few rains. Just take them home and plant them in the beds. Those beds are going to be a team of work horses in a few years. Nice job

  3. You can also make hugelkutur garden beds/mounds by digging the wood into the ground and a bit above grade and covering the top with earth and mulch. Require little watering as the wood absorbs and releases the moisture – you can also have sun loving and shady plants on each sides of it.

  4. Great job on the beds! I'm looking to purchase a farm outside of Raleigh – same state as you. Aiming to have an animal sanctuary… I especially like Donkeys – amazing creatures! How many acres is your property?

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