1. I know you don't usually deal with pennystocks, but what do you think of FAF (Fire and Flower)'s chart?
    Engulfing green candle on the daily today, after what looks like a possible gap fill(?) yesterday.

  2. Now that the hype from Canadian legalization has died down, there is nothing holding these names up. Federal laws in the US will have to change before we get major institutional involvement.

  3. I know i said august 1st that august was our turnaround month but,
    Here comes september. The turn around month 🤣 took an $80 loss on weed.. gotta just focus on mso no time for games, canopy just needs to put a CEO in the chair imo nice neutrality man

  4. Thank you. I have gained so much from this channel. This week was quite a positive learning experience. Still much to learn, but sometimes the learning is better than the monetary gain.

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