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  1. The few risks of cannabis are what your worried about. What about acohol and tabaco and the risks those brings; addiction, cancer, stokes, heart attacks, the list goes on and this plant is outlawed due to the ignorance of these wine sipping neck ups. I'll willingly sign up to be a guinee pig as i have no doubt that this plant wont cause me any harm as ive been smoking UNREGULATED cannabis for 5 years and have had only been to the doctors once in my life due to its medicinal properties.

    This plant does more good than bad unlike REGULATED drugs as acohol and tobaco which the government havent outlawed due to the taxes these bring in. Legalising this drug across the bored will produce more jobs another source of money for the government and will save the underfunded police money and time. How ignronant can some people be 😪

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