Medical Marijuana Warning in Thailand with Dr. Alisanant, Bangkok

Subtitles (cc) recommended. Dr. Alisanant is a radiation oncologist at the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. He expresses his views …


  1. The Doctor works as a Oncologist. The pharmaceutical industrie and the doctors have a very close relationship and there is a lot of money involved. In 2017 Novartis got a FDA approval for a therapy called Kymriah. They cost of that medical therapy started with 475,000 USD (about 16 Million THB) for one patient. In April 2018 Novartis lowered the price to a "cheap" 375,000 USD (12.5 Million THB).
    So if a Oncologist warns me about Medical Marijuana, it is the same as if a Shell or PTT Manager warns me about the use of electrical cars, as the use of combustion engines is a lot safer… LOL

  2. Radiation vs. cannabis (oil)…He is very reluctant to say anything positive about cannabis. America told Thailand decades ago that it is very bad and that is just the way it is….there exist no history of cannabis as medicine on planet Earth.

  3. She is Sexy! ? When I’m in Thailand I’m on a Natural high… Drug companies want to make money on drugs that they produce and they fight to keep marijuana illegal because they can’t make money on it due to it being very easy for a novice to grow on their own.

  4. The government should at the very least study marijuana, for medical purposes. To be fair, tabacco is legal and that literally causes cancer. In any case it marijuana is legal in Thailand, my god what a source of income….

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