Missouri Medical Marijuana Update: June 3, 2019

Missouri Medical Marijuana Update for June 3, 2019. I will be speaking at NORML KC’s meeting, which begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 8 at the Unity Temple …


  1. I know the federal government has made discrimination legal in the hemp industry but can a convicted felon work in the medical marijuana industry? My convictions are over 10yrs old and only gain them because of my first felony conviction of cannabis which keeps me in low paging jobs or in a criminal underground to provide for myself and pay bills to survive… BUT I do want to work in this industry and follow all the laws and i just think its wrong that they restrict the job market even further when this industry will need so many workers and i have great knowledge of this plant

  2. Hey Pat thanks for passing on your knowledge. Quick question since Illinois will be recreational as of 2020 will a Missouri resident with medical card be able to purchase in Illinois and and transport back to Missouri ? Also be able to bring their marijuana from Missouri to Illinois ?

  3. I have a question about CBD flower ? Example Baba's farm grown hemp. Less than 3% THC This product smell just like weed taste just like weed , my question is how would the police know it is hemp and not weed ? I am learning to understand the difference between CBD and THC we're I am more than ever confused is what is medical marijuana verse cbd or is hemp and CBD the same thing? Or is there such thing as a hemp flower / bud and a CBD flower/ bud and I Now there a a THC bud . In the state Missouri are you allowed to buy and purchase and using a recreational Manor CBD flower without permission or license

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