Moving | Lincoln's Seizures | Penelope's Surgery

We wanted to give an update on Lincoln’s seizures as well as Penelope’s upcoming cleft palate surgery. PLUS, we are hoping to be moving soon! OUR OTHER …


  1. Hi, Mr & Mrs Stephen,
    I had been watching your videos from 2 days continuously. Its been great to have the courage to adopt. You guys are doing well and thanks for doing it. And all your children are greatly bonded in short and l wish all the success to their future.

  2. I take it that you believe that God put the children in your lives and that is wonderful thing, however if any of them grow up to be gay or trans etc please don't make them feel bad or turn your backs on them, they will all be who they are and they will still need your love and your support and your friendship.

  3. I would love to hear about Jude and Liam adoptions.
    Are there any vids on them?
    I love Jude but actually I love them all.
    Every child is growing up to be so happy and positive.
    But we haven’t heard much about Jude and Liam.
    Where from and when did they become your sons?
    Your whole family will continue to be in my prayers

  4. Hey Miller family I came from Phil and Alex channel. I wanted to come on here to share my epilepsy story. I am now 25 years old and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. My first seizure was right at birth and the next seizure i had was a partial seizure in 2005 , after that seizure my doctor at Dell Children's Hospital In Austin TX put me on lemotregen which kept me seizure free for a long time until they took me off the medication in high school. Once 2016 hit I started having grandmal seizures. My doctor tried keppra but that did nothing so once I transferred to an adult doctor I asked to be back on lemotregen. Since than , I've been alot better for the exception of 2 recent seizures which were the scariest of my life because at this moment I'm 20 weeks pregnant. So I was really scared for my baby more than I was for me. Texas has some of the best doctors and I never wanted to leave Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, it will always be my second home. Prayers to your family!

  5. LOVED the sit down! Thanks for filling us in! Maybe you could do another Q&A soon?! Your love is wonderful, and your family is incredible! So encouraging! Continuing to pray for your family! Woo you are over 35K now! Congrats!! love you guys <3

  6. Lincoln play name should be scooter. May God strengthen Lincoln to walk without anyone's help heal Penelope mouth so she could get the smile she wants. May God bless you and your family. Amen

  7. Saw the intro and nearly died when you were singing 'Land Down Under'…..but trust me, you don't want a Vegemite sando…..As a born and bred Aussie, it's the one Strayan food I've never been able to stomach…but give me Lamingtons, a sausage roll, Milo Sando and pie with tomato sauce any day! Now to continue watching the vid….love you guys xoxoxox ??

  8. “In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

    And in your family LOVE really "works". Steven and Amanda you guys rock. It's such a joy too see how caring and loving you both are. The kiddos don't even come close, too know how lucky they are. ??❤? xxx
    Btw: You two are darn lucky too, with all your 7 sweethearts. ????❤❤❤ They are all so polite, caring, loving, helpful, smart and funny. ?❤ x

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