Natural Pain & Anxiety Relief with CBD Hemp Oil (featuring Joy Smith – Founder of Joy Organics)

Get 15% off Joy Organics. Use Code AUT15 ▻ (Affiliate Link) Joy Smith and I discuss the health benefits of CBD …


  1. CBD can be so extremely beneficial for most people, it helped me to a certain point….So, I prefer the 1:1 tincture CBD/THC. It's the most amazing thing I've ever had for my anxiety, depression & other issues. So glad I also live in a state where it's legal. Great stream! Very informative 😘❤️

  2. Thank you Autumn, great interview and great topic! I am myself have been wondering a bit about CBD and this has cleared some questions I had. Been looking into this topic for a family member that may need it.

  3. I so need to try that CBD with the melatonin. I meant to watch this live but I completely spaced it, lack of sleep, migraines, and everything else. For the short period of time I've used CBD vape the regular migraines were pretty much controlled and minimized, I was sleeping better and felt better overall. Then a month ago I passed out twice and ended up getting a concussion, along with some new scars, which is making it very hard to concentrate. My heart rhythm is a bit irregular, first degree AV blocks, and a few second degree. None of the drs, including the cardiologists, believe the CBD is a contributor, but I'm looking for a more reliable supplier to ensure its high quality. I'm not a smoker, never been, but I do enjoy the vaping experience, it kind of relaxes me. Is Joy Organics considering offering vape oil that I can use in the couple of vape pens I already have?

  4. Great interview as always Autumn! I love that you allow the guest to talk and don't talk over them like too many interviewers who love the sound of their own voice. I look forward to hopefully seeing more streams about health & wellbeing in the future 😁👌💚

  5. I definitely will be trying this for anxiety, I have nothing to lose. I'll be content if it makes even the tiniest of difference. Thank you for the information!

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