1. All my respect is yours. This song helps me every day when im thinking to the bad things what happened in my life… What you are doing its amazing. By the way I guess if every people in the world would listen this song, the world would be a better place. Respect.

  2. Got gunned down with a 12 gauge and shot twice. I lost my left arm and was left with a few other major problems too. Found God and my strength in weakness and my hate was turned into love. You are all so inspiring so keep up the the good work and never let your faith slip. In Jesus name. Amen and God bless.

  3. Idk first time hearing you good for sure but idk if a weed song is the right start every rapper rips a weed joint I'm a listen more n check out your work lookin for a Lil more hype wit a hook thanks u for your music

  4. Just heard this for the first time and itโ€™s now my new favorite song. 10 times better than the crap on the radio these days.. keep grinding guys you have a new fan in me and Iโ€™m sure plenty more to fallow.

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