Off-White “Gram” Wax Cartridge! Unboxing & Review!

OffWhite #Cart #Cartridge #Waxpens #Waxcarts #Review ONE OF THE FIRST Off-White “Gram” Wax Cartridge Samples! Unboxing & Review! if you’re new …


  1. FAKE…… Off white or brands like that do not sell medical marihuana, of course people who sell FAKE carts try to make their products look legit so that it catches everybody’s eyes on them. FAKE….!!!!!!

  2. Right as you paused to say gold I literally jus had mouthed the word 'gold' lol I gotta sativa melonade the other day by off white, but havent puffed on it to kno if I like it r not cuz I been vapin on Aliensrx for the most part …but still ify on if they are left or not

  3. Ayyyeeeeee! Glad I stumbled across this video!! Fake or legit, if its fake then its some legit bomb ass shit. Because it got me blizzt as fuckkkkkk ???. Those fake ass cart boxes they be making too!?! Shit, look name brand to me ?. If these are fake carts whoever made them needs to have them on all dispensary shelves. Legit looking packaging good for marketing, legit looking oil/smelling like good weed, and followed by a nice good smooth tasting Off-White Kosher Kush flavor!! Ill fukzzz with them all day.. Just as good as the ✌Real✌ carts as some of you would say. This brand got me higher then id say half the ones ive tried. Ill definitely buy the brand again. Good head high, body feel, and the feeling of stuckness on the ps4 for 4 hours straight. Definitely be cautious of what your buying and always check what your buying. Good experience on my end over in Ky! Holla at cha boyyy, ✌

  4. This channel shit and shit review.. Cant tell the people anything.. Isnt this this the point of this video.. To give the people information?? Kinda of hard when you dont have any huh??

  5. I been smoking danks for like 2 years
    1st time trying the off white and wow

    Its actually good.
    U can feel the high and its kinda strong when u inhail and hold the smoke abit

  6. Bro you are annoying as fuck and clueless about concentrates! You live in Arizona home of live resin .Why do you buy black market ? Why is your voice so annoying?? Goddamn I just wanna beat yo ASS

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