1. I agree that it's not worth it to smoke when it's illegal but I also believe in that everyone should be aware when smoking of the possible "negative" effects it can have especially for the youth (25 years and younger are more susceptible to drug induced psychosis/ or schizophrenia) I can only imagine how much more if your weed is laced. The science behind it all comes down to over the years "dopamine" which is a natural anti-phychotic is not as current in marijuana. I suppose there might of been more dopamine in marijuana in the 70's compared to now. But if your brain is not fully developed and you are under 25 and you decide to smoke you are risking spending time in a psych ward and losing your sanity. Since I'm a stranger and you don't trust me just watch the documentary (Down side of high from David Suzuki) I'm saying this kindly, believe me I think if I were mean about I wouldn't of said anything at all… just wanted to put that out there considering this is a marijuana topic… BE SAFE Y'ALL 😛

  2. Alcohol is poison. We have been brainwashed as a society for many years. Finally the veil is being lifted. I have ONLY ever gotten myself injured, in trouble, or in the hospital from excess alcohol consumption.

  3. I with ya bro! Also something else to add is that people need to understand that people can be allergic to to it like my self where 1 whiff & my throat closes almost instantly & I can't breathe & then once it's gone my nose turns into a water mess for 2 to 3 days! So please be respectful of the people your around when in public because you could be potentially harming someone. Much love & Blessings! Love the video btw 😁🤙👍❤

  4. You dont have balance young man, you hav a lifetime fight. I am not judgeing you for making the life choices you hav. But since you influence so many young people..not quite men yet..who probably do not hav your restraint or reflective abilities…but think they do…i think you hav possibly done them harm as they will certainly emulate you without the quality of your willpower..and they will not hav success in life for following you down this path. I think if you truly did not hav a life view of considerable self-importance..you would hav considered those young people who so look up to you.

  5. Totally awesome that you’re sharing this! I think we’re pretty close to the tipping point where stigma around weed is starting to plummet. It’s great when positive influencers like yourself open up about smoking, so folks can see it’s not just for “lazy stoners with no motivation” or whatever. Keep being awesome, dude!

  6. I have always been super against weed and I thought it was only for lazy people who wanted to sit around and do nothing.. I have borderline personality disorder and have found that prescription medications don't help me deal with my intense mood swings, extreme, anxious thinking, and racing thoughts. However, just a couple weeks ago I started smoking weed and it has helped so much with calming my mood (even when I'm not "high") I'm able to look at things more objectively and less based on my extreme emotions, which in turn has allowed me to be the most successful I have ever been in my whole life. Also have insomnia because of the racing thoughts and smoking allows me to sleep without the groggy feeling the next morning that sleeping pills cause. Just saying you can smoke weed and be successful. Also you can have BPD and be successful! Thank you to both you and Sammie for your content

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