1. As much as YT annoys me, its the federal government that wrote regulations prohibiting hundreds or thousands of other channels to compete with YT. The government supports youtoob's monopoly. WHY?

    Control. Its a free speech thing, and the gov/mafia wants US to have no part of it.

    See ya later Chef,, Thanx.

  2. Thank you so much for teaching how to grow I went the videos you made when I first started growing growing for 4 years now and I thank you for that thanks so much man RIP

  3. I'm a Canadian Medical Marijuana Grower in Canada I could really benefit from your seeds would you send me some I have a YouTube channel I'd love to raise money for you to help fund your grow I eat seeds they are nutritious…..

  4. Damn Chef. Im worried about you man. Ill make sure to include you in my prayers. I wish I could do more for you. You've done a lot of good. Id love to see the community come together for you in this time of need. Hope you pull through. God bless you, your grand daughter and rest of your family.

  5. Distillate is bad for your lungs. The lipids are needed and thats why mother nature put them in. That synthetic newage vape shit is a nothing but a cash crop and they use larfy weak airy buds with minimal medicinal properties.

  6. I’m still new to this game but even I can appreciate your videos I sincerely thank you for being kind enough to share your experiences and knowledge with all who want to learn and glad to hear you won your appeal

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