1. P.S. Every once and a while a plant out of the crop just mysteriously shrivels up, while all the other plants thrive in the same soil, and conditions. ??????? Never Mind them , You're doing good.

  2. Subscribed because of the praise Jah comment . You're a Good Brother, may The Most High Jah bless You with all that You need, and then some. Respect…….Joshua Seven Thunders///////

  3. Morning and evening working is for Maine as well ! Great job on the grow I’m a outdoor grower too but now for years they grow wild without intervention except pulling shitty males that are not pungent and yield ounces of pollen . At the end of my video you can see hundreds of bumble bees instead of honey bees in my wild male plant . That shade cloth is excellent and you don’t have all that dew sitting on your buds till they can dry ! Nice !

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