Paradigm shift in weed industry, says Jim Cramer

“As the weak hands exit the cannabis space, investors are starting to care about the actual results,” the “Mad Money” host says.


  1. the whole industry is a joke This was always a case where someone has to make a profit. The companies seem to think they can go without profits forever. This is also a case where traders want to make huge profits and it just isnt possible. Its a tough business unless you have large distribution. Its not going to happen the whole sector is going to get hammered.

  2. What you should take away from this video, is that establishment investors are cooling on Cannabis stocks – so stuff that's FAR overvalued that you still have a profit on should be sold. The next 12 months could be rough.

  3. Totally disagree. This is how legislation often works. Things get legalized state by state until practically the whole country has changed its legislation. This congress is also about to change in a year, and when it does, congress will be looking for some sort of bi partisan issue both parties can get behind. This is one of them, because both ideological backgrounds (republicans and democrats) can justify a reason to legalize pot.

  4. Hmm I wonder if CNBC's doners include any big pharma, alcohol, or tabacco companies. … No wonder Cramer is so ignorant and against Cannabis, his payc heck is literally dictated by Cannabis' enemies.

  5. As it gets “legalized” in more states, more weed goes into production…the market is completely saturated ( turns out, not too many people smoke weed or want to). The entire industry is a complete liability…like when they get sued for the bad health effects…remember phillip morris…do you want to invest in the losing side of a multi trillion class action suit? Are you fking stupid? Nobody can tell you what the hell cbd does to the body or mind…the fda already says it does nothing good…this is a huge class action lawsuit in the making…

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