"Patients are not being denied medical cannabis" House of Lords March 4th 2019

On March the 4th in the House of Lords Baroness Blackwood of North Oxford made a bold statement that “patients are not being denied medical access” …


  1. Look you bunch of bastards(MPs) if it's OK to give folk OPIATES which is bloody addictive then what's the problem with Weed, Big Pharma & all these cunts in their pockets!!
    You wanna talk violence go up any City Centre in the UK at the weekend & you will see violence all drunk full of firewater n bravado that doesn't come from taking Weed in any form & deaths not fucking person ever died from Weed we lose about 50,000 folk a Yr to Alcohol probably the same from Cigarettes our Politicians are uninformed & bent, it won't ever be legal in the UK not in my lifetime anyway!! ✌️ #LegaliseWeedUK

  2. And for any small minded politician that sees this the three types of cannabis sativa indica and hybrid the word skunk is a slang word for weed other words such as green hash wacky backy whatever you want to call me but the meaning skunk is slang word for weed noting els

  3. What about recreational use not everyone who consumed cannabis is unwell or knocking on deaths door some people actually do like the taste the smell and the feeling just like thousands sorry millions of people enjoy alcohol cigarettes and all the other stuff thays 1000% worse for you than cannabis please remember cannabis goes back thousands of years but only in the last 70 years is classed as the Devil's drug or the gateway drug which is a complete fiction as I truly believe prescription medication is the true gateway drug

  4. This is bullshit, i cannot get a prescription only one DR in wales can prescribe it, so i grew a plant myself an got locked up from 10am to 9pm for one mother plant, police trashed my set up, soil all over my flat, coz i proved im no drug dealer they did not fucking like that, so my flat was trashed, my liberty was smashed over a plant the ex prime ministers husband is allowed to grow massive crops an sell it, thats why its outlawed, cannabis opens your mind, our system dont want that, plus textiles paper, everything bar metal can be produced by hemp, that scares the gov, simples, alcohol would go out of fasion, theres a long list why cannabis is still outlawed, cannabis is the tree of life, history of KANA BOSM, means cannabis, goes back thousands of years, pre dates our laws, its time people rose up in a big cannabis revolution, is it right that police use CBD but we cant use cannabis, coz i dont thinks so, nothing have changed we still in prohibition its simple as that………….

  5. It's time for a lower class pain killer we understand, but the price for it; not to buy it from MAFIAs dealer in England is a high price in comparison. Scaring people's lungs with there mouldy cannabis and they're violent criminals who don't care.?

  6. Side affect of weed is the munchies lol
    Why is Treasonous May's husband the only person in the UK allowed to grow and sell weed all over the world except in the UK ?

  7. that guy at the end didn't have a valid point. the only reason why violent crime is linked to people who smoke canabis is because they sell it. If someone sells on their "turf" they get stabbed. if someone steals their weed they get stabbed. no one has ever smoked weed and gone and shot someone for no reason. it's like saying the people who commit violent crimes often smoke tobacco and drink alcohol. just because someone wants to smoke weed and then stab a few people it isn't the weed that magically controlled their brain to stab people. it is because they had the intent to do so in the first place. go home Garry you fat alcoholic. 6:38

  8. u.k a backward run shithole theyve legalised homosexuality in u.k. ironic how many public school politicians are homosexual brought in by new labour mandelson . are their any politicians advocating for cannabis to be de criminilised in u.k or you had better build bigger and better prisons to put these pot heads in . yeau.k youre a ridiculous regime hated by the masses . btw users re_fuse caution go to court . keep growing keep smoking and u.kcannabis laws haha fkin do one

  9. 1000 s of hydro grow shops and shops selling cannabis paraphernalia and seeds in u.k for many years yet illegal to grow u.k the most backward place in europe . i wonder why youre shill u.k antiquated parliment they only legalised homosexuality on the back of mandelson and co and the public school fag system that seem to become u.k politicians so they can heap their misery on the populas . keep growing keep smoking weed take it to crown court when burgled by the state.

  10. u.k politics lame on every level we the people tell you what we want we the people get nothing uk pure peasantry because of your swamp of shills u.k democracy as fake as brexit and the news

  11. the type of medicines we are talking about are not skunk… yet GW are primarily growing skunk to extract the medicines, all I'm seeing in this video is uneducated pillocks who have no factual evidence is the shit they throw out vs cannabis, they need to stop profiting of it and let the UK have the right to real medication instead of meds that can cause death upon taking them , corruption at it's finest !

  12. Yes they are. One of my mothers friends died last week of cancer and just before christmas she asked to be prescribed cannabis for pain relief and to combat side effects of chemo and she was refused and i had to get her some illegally.

  13. Violent crime? Like smoking a J was the sole reason .
    People really need to call this kind of bs out for the nonsense it is. If I can walk over the road and buy half a dozen bottles of whiskey, why can`t I walk into a shop and buy a half O of good green ?

    Just make it legal and tax it just like drink or cigs. Then take that tax money and use it to help the NHS and other groups who work with those addicted to hard drugs. . Harsh isn't a gateway drug, it`s the fact we need to get it from dealers. You know like you should be doing with all that tax money they make from drink and cigs.

    I brew beer. And I can brew 1000`s of liters beer or wine, before the state needs to look into what I`m doing with it all. So why can`t I grew say six or eight plants? Esp the people out there suffering needlessly . They will let them hang until they and their friends have the whole industry tied up. Then and only then they will let you pay through the nose for a substandard product. And the home grow rules will be like one or two plants .

  14. Outdated policies, ignorant old coots scared of the skunk marauders coming to a hamlet near you. I give up. At least Mr & Mrs May will make a decent return on their corrupt GW investment. 4 presciptions is beyond a joke, it illuminates the scale of ignorance within government policy and the NHS. Fuck them all.

  15. They are denying it iv been denied it 7 times now after they OBS agree iv got fibromyalgia or they wudnt av av tried me on about 7 diff types of there poison pills for fibromyalgia instead also do u realise this is the exact same as the last vid u post bro @ukcannabissocialclub? ??‍♂️?????

  16. I wish these feckers would find out what SKUNK means. ITS SLANG FOR GREEN 10 YEARS AGO because it stunk. Now someone has bred a strain and called it skunk but it is no more stronger than the hundreds of strains out there NOW

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