PAX vs Stiiizy vs GPen [2019 review] Who Will Win???

Cannabis oil cartridges have really changed the game. These pod based vapor systems aim to make the experience even better, but what do they really do?


  1. If you wanna save you’re time stiiizy is the greatest one out of the bunch regardless what he says the other two are cheap and are not sold in the dispensaries out here and the 510 is most likely handcrafted wax and they all taste the same I would assume

  2. Never bought any of them before but have tried stiiizy and pax before from a friend and they were pretty good. I vape on Orchird essentials for a year and a half and they are so good but I heard they got taken down from the shelves in cali in most dispensaries just because they have botanical derived terps and not cannabis derived Terps and so nobody knows if they are safe. Idk if you know about this brand. If you got another better 510 cartridge brand that's great and safe to vape. Let me know! Thanks!

  3. I work at a dispensary in the Ca bay area, and we carry Pax and Stiizy. Personally, I use the Pax and I love it, for its subtleness. Easy to get lit on the DL, and takes a lil effort to overdue it. The Heavy Hitter pods are the best imo, but Surplus are decent for the price. I'm gonna hafta try the Stiizy now..

  4. 469 baby

    Love the PAX Era however I feel its review was slighted as you could have cranked it all the way up on the app. Or device. Maybe you already run it on that, but I definitely have been getting visibly bigger ones. I like to run between 2/3 or 569-667 for best flavor/heat.

  5. After having purchased the stiiizy. The pax era is the better device. The stiiizy is always having issues with the air flow. I will have to suck on it a few times to get it to start working. The positive thing about the stiiizy is that it has my fav strain, OG Kush( I know that’s a personal thing). The stiiizy is a nice alternative to the pax. And I will continue to use the stiiizy and will get a stiiizy pod if I’m on a budget. But if I had my choice and money was no issue, I would pick the pax.

  6. Great review. I have the pax era but I’m probably going to get stiiizy next. I like it because it’s more stealthy than the regular carts. People think it’s a thumb drive when they see it. And I like the temp control on the app. But the stiiizy looks like a nice cheaper alternative with some good strains.

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