1. All good and everything ….I would love for you to make sure that the farmers get the money not the government……. Them Don't know any about weed ….the Bush farmers….get them … talk to them

  2. Yes,?? Ye-yess at last!! I have been praying for this recognition of Jamaica's God-given rich natural resource, as the imperialist did so centuries ago. Nationally Cultivated & internationally imported as products/ medicine again will create jobs & enrich the Jamaican economy- as God intended. It broke my heart every time I saw Jamaican news reports of police BURNING fields of their natural resource, that is well-known to be the best in the world!!!????. I long believed that not only should US agricultural sanctions be lifted off Jamaica from legally cultivating it (so they can harvest it themselves- its's California's biggest income generator which is America's richest State), but all western countries should be prevented from growing and in order to boost Jamaica's future export income, improve their overall economy & infrastructure, enable financial independence & greatly reduce high unemployment of its people, esp their youth. This would be just compensation for the devastating under developmental consequences, that slavery & slave owning imperialism created for Jamaica and still considered a 3rd world country, consequences that Jamaicans are still trying to overcome today. Thank you Canada, I pray the rest of the western world will follow your genius example.????

  3. Canadians would be better off importing Jamaicans weed. Canadians sell regs for $10-15 a gram. In Jamaica you can't even get a gram you get an oz branch for $20 American.

  4. Welcome to the world of mass marketing as it applies to marijuana. Jamaica has a recognizable and respected brand, and regardless of whether our BC hydroponic is better, it doesn't matter, Jamaican pot is just cooler than Canadian pot could ever hope to be.

    Case in point, Old Suntory scotch. Internationally recognized as one of the greatest scotches ever but it's Japanese and we all know that a middle grade Scottish scotch is what we might prefer (and I don't care how good the Bulgarian sakae is, I'm going to get Japanese).

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