Premium Cannabis – Top LA Grower Now Leads Cultivation at Canndescent: Jeff Homolya

Canna Cribs Episode 7 interview with Cultivation Manager of Canndescent luxury cannabis, Jeff Homoyla. FULL EPISODE – – – RIGHT HERE: …


  1. 6:40 – This is the beating heart of any quality facilitys IPM. It all starts with that bottom part of the crop damage triangle, environment. If you create the near perfect environment, and cleaning SOPs are strong and followed rigorously, it will be very difficult to have any crop damage, let alone failure. Those rooms can be kept so clean, if the IAQ is taken seriously for the sake of a serious IPM, instead of a fake IPM where they just use a bunch of azaguard and other crap (maybe even eagle 20) and then sit there and say "my IPM game is killer".

  2. 6:35 – IAQ is not as simple as saying, "this thing is better than a filter." That isn't how it works. You really need both, filtration and purification, if you want the cleanest air and surfaces possible. Things that the EN 1822 filters can do the PCO or UV, or whatever purification tech you use, cannot. And visa versa. Filtration is really good for larger and even many ultrafine particles, while PCO/UV purification type IAQ handlers are good at killing ultra fine particulate and pathogens. One without the other is sort of like doing AC without good dehumidification for the transient high latent loads. That being said, a huge number of clean rooms, with low ISO ratings (less than ISO 5) use en 1822 HEPA only, and no purification. This is because they use so many high quality en 1822 filters, or FFUs, that they can capture pretty much everything they need to in order to meet the ISO class rating the room needs.

  3. Hey Jeff, tell me this…If you have no Ag or Horiculture degree, then why are companies like yours making grower applicants have one? I think it is absurd that you are asking for such bonafines when you never had them when you worked your way up to where you are now. It seems to me like a convenient way to exclude the very growers, like yourself, who are responsible for starting this whole industry. So, why is it okay for all of these companies to demand such bonafides, when none of this even existed ten years ago?

  4. Your channel is straight up ???. The suspense is killing me. Enough of the foreplay already brother and let it fly like a porno full of honey's coming all over the place ?. BTW the way you deliver your content and the depth of your knowledge is a sight to behold. You can just tell that you are all over these guys you interview and I live the way you squeeze more out of them to give us frothers the full picture ?. Keep it coming hard and fast!! It would be nice for you to do some boutique grows like jungle Boyz or Berner ?

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