Rare Dankness & House of Dankness Cannabis – Scott Reach (S1E6: Canna Cribs, Denver, CO)

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  1. congratulations from Chile. i love this seed bank but the most important aspect that i want to call it´s how well prepare is the program. this is a perfect guide of Q&A for the former iniciating large op grower. Greetings from Chile and sorry for the shitty english

  2. This video is SICKENING. Indoor factory farming, huge electric consumption, worker surveillance and machinery worship should not be promoted. Rather it should be seen for what it is: the corporate takeover of what was once a positive thing. Now it’s all about greed and money. Why not just invest in coal burning power plants or toxic waste dumps. These people don’t even compost their old leaves. They are not cool and definitely don’t give a damn about our planet .This channel promotes the industrialization of a plant that can and should be grown under sunlight in soil. Please do not buy and support any of this. It will only hasten the ecological destruction of our beautiful planet. Sorry but this “dream” is a nightmare. Smells like chemicals, greed and cancer, I cannot see anything “Kind” in this style of cannabis production.Sorry to be so harsh but watching this really bummed me out. I used to think that legalized weed would be cool but apparently it’s more like making plastics than Love.

  3. I love scott ! Love his commitment, thanks for a great video ! But Dude , ive done 4yrs now in 3 separate sentences over a 20 yr period . Cursed with rheumatoid arthritis at 12yrs old found smoking helped alot. So long story short , government has made life hell for me and my family for 25yrs , seized all my stuff and made me start from scratch 3xs now , lost job after job . Its just been hard . Now that its legal in Canada im banned from working in the industry even tho im considered an expert ….. Governments not your friend people . They took everything and gave it to corporations who cant grow shit ! Bringing in foreign people to work and punishing those who fought to get it legalized. ..im even fighting to get a personal medical lisence lmao ! But i love it m love doing it and love people who feel the same way. Hoping one day it will get better one day , hey ya never know !

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