Re: Weed-Free 2019 Two Month Update + Message For Those Quitting/Moderating Their Weed Use

Old Footage of When I Was Deep In Weed Addiction: Buy the Ebook “Marijuana Mindfulness: How To Transcend …


  1. Man I’ll be 26 this year and have been smoking over 10 years now and have wanted to stop smoking for a long time now and have never really committed fully and watching your videos are really great man! Im going to watch every video!

  2. I smoke everyday and often wake n bake and I really want to get in control of my smoking habits without just going cold turkey, but I have such an addictive personality I feel like it will almost be harder to smoke in moderation.

    I’m in college right now and I’ve held the identity so to speak as a stoner for the last 5 years or so, but I’m realizing that isn’t who I have to be and that I’m better than this, but yet I’m still stuck in the state of mind that getting high is like the best thing and my life will just be less enjoyable from here on out the less I smoke.

  3. I just turned 17 been smoking for 2 years been smoking everyday for almost 8 months and im trying to stop its real hard saying my house hold smoked i cant grow the courage to stop and when i fail i get emotional cause i really crave a change

  4. Yo brother! Thanks for all the videos man. Today marks day 19 weed free for me and you made a very good point by saying we need to feel accomplish everyday. I been keeping a journal of my journey and i was just writing on this topic because i feel very happy and accomplished of my 19 days without use some of my family member look at me like “ relax is just a few days “ is like they expect me to fail but my will is strong and everyday I make the decision to stay on track. The most important things I’ve learn from you is to not creat an addictive behavior in this case weed. And slowly but surely I’m noticing how that behaviors i had were more impulsive than desired. Again man thanks for the inspiration from yo cyber homie yuckfresh!

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