1. I have gotten rid of bladder lesions and growths on my lymphnodes as well as lumps in my wifes breast and lumps on my dogs with cannabis oil. I did not even activate it so there was no stone to it at all. Internal issues you eat a rat turd of oil a day. Or you can use it for skin issues by spreading it on the affected area. It is the combination of CBD Terpenoids and THC like the father son and holy spirit. Certain terpenoids do different things to tumor cells and the thc and canabinoids create homeostasis in the body. The terpenoids direct the direction of the canabinoids some terps send the canabinoids to the brain others send them to different parts of the body. To get the most variance I combine sativa hybrid indica and ruderalis strains into one oil.

  2. I have had the same issue on my nose and have used the same oil. It works! Proof can be seen in the photos. We know why its not accepted, there is no debate needed for that, but we can offer our story to those who will listen with an open mind as opposed to preconcieved opinions founded on a false narrative.

  3. You don't get skin cancer from the sun. But if your out in the sun for hours and hours, then use coconut oil. It deflects the bad effects of the sun. Otherwise 95% of Americans are Vitamin D deficienct. Which makes your immune system weak.

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