1. The interviewer just doesn’t get it. I feel like she disregards most of what Sadhguru says.

    I got these vibes she feels superior to others. She won’t be able to fully awaken her mind in that state.

  2. Disagree with vaccine section here 🙁 We need the freedom to make our own decisions for a guru I expected an answer that did not comply with the mandates of already in practice actions that are not in alignment with the good for all but the good for profitability of certain products that are monopolies in our planet.

  3. We should focus on "What Human Beings do we Produce" Wise Words.. Many of those we accept as our leaders are full of confidence, determination and self empowerment not wisdom and inclusiveness with the highest good for all as a desired outcome for our Nations or the Health of our Planet and the Honoring of Life itself. Love listening to Sadhguru's words. Namaste

  4. The problem with vaccines is: what's rally inside: researchers have found very "strange" things inside vaccines: foetuses dna; monkeys dna; heavy metals; and many such nonsenses

    So, we must be very careful with our children, and ask many much (true) informations, from independent organisations, not the pharma industries, which many times tell lies

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