1. I loved this (‘: I went through this with my cat Otis and my kitten Silas. At first things were a little sketchy but they ended up being the bestest of friends. Otis would grab Silas by the tuff of skin on his neck and show him to the food bowl ? so adorable. This video brought me back. Thank you ❤️

  2. Omg the cute kitten babies! Both so adorbs. Arya's sweet little face kills me though so freaking cute. Looks like there going to be very happy kittens with hippie mommy ? (helpful tip with 2 cats, if your not already doing it make sure they sleep with something that has the other cats scent on it, blanket, toy, etc. It made the transition much faster for my boys if you wanna try it out) Love this so much though you cats are just as beautiful and adorable as you hunny!

  3. Love the channel as always sasha sorry I'm late I watch a lot of cat videos and I have a cat so I'm totally ok with a cat vlog lol lo e every minute cheers as always
    ✌?the kitten is sooo cute?

  4. This video was so perfect Oh my god ?❤❤ they are so adorable, I can't get over how patient Sansa is!! Arya is so at home already ? love your content girl, love smoking with you!! Subscriber for life xxx

    Ps mini candy corn ? which I've never actually had ?

  5. I’m just now getting around to watching this, and Sasha, I am so happy for you that I could cry. I got my cat in July and he’s my absolute angel! So much love to you and your family these holidaze?✨

  6. This is the cutest video ever. They did soo good together. It was so cute seeing Arya be the one to try to play with Sansa first. So happy for you and you definitely didn't deserve any hate or unsolicited advice on any of this.

  7. Mini candy corn! I sit in an office all day and love watching your videos on downtime. You should definitely ask your mom to make you a cute winter sweater or hat with both your furr babies on them! ???

  8. Mini candy corn?? Clearance candy is the best after Halloween lol. Love the cat content! I had a cat many moons ago. Somewhat like Arya but mixed with tabby. Had the blue eyes, white and light gray stripes. Her name was KitKat ?. Nice to see yours getting along. Brings me joy to see people being happy with their fur babies haha.

  9. I'm scared. I watched the Conspiracy Palette video then this. I have the same cat hoodie. I have ragdoll cats which are fluffier versions of yours. ??

    Just stumbled across this channel and feel like this is me in YouTube INCEPTION.

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