Sayed Saleh Qazwini – Legalization of Marijuana.. Is That A Good Thing? – Ramadhan Night 24

Legalization of Marijuana.. Is That A Good Thing? Sayed Saleh Qazwini Ramadan Night Twenty Four Muslim Youth Connection Ramadhan 2019.

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  1. Opiods and marijuana have existed for thousands for years. They definitely existed at the time that Muhammed was around. Saying marijuana harms others around you is a bullshit excuse, and you would be hard pressed to find a substance that doesn't have negative effects. You even said moderation is key, so why does this apply to marijuana? Saying "drugs ruin the fabric is society, they take away your ability to destroy, it reduces IQ" is all being taken out of your ass. there is no evidence marijuana lowers IQ or that it's a gateway drug. Morons like you are giving misinformation to support your view. Once people find out how full of it you are, they won't believe you. This is why I'm so glad we don't let religion control our government. Religion is knowm for spreading lies.

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