SB350 Adult Use Marijuana Pennsylvania Update October 2019

SB350 Bill to Legalize Recreational Adult Use Marijuana in Pennsylvania introduced in Harrisburg by Senators Sharif Street and Daylin Leach. Two Pa State …


  1. By the way there is absolutely no flower in any of the dispensaries in the are I am in West of the city(philly)They said everyone is having the same problem. Meanwhile they can’t get rid of it cheap enough out on the West coast. That’s bad news for people that have been dependent on Cannabis but don’t smoke oil or vape carts they think are dangerous. Lots to sort out still. We need this bill badly.

  2. It's really a well thought out bill because it touches so many of the wrong doings of cannabis ! I just hope we don't have too many shops and everyone struggles.but that's the American way! Great job Daylin !

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