Seth Rogen on Vegas, Knocked Up, Mushrooms & Marijuana

Seth talks about spending time in Las Vegas, seeing several Cirque du Soleil shows while on mushrooms for Knocked Up research, the craziest things he has …


  1. I love his honesty about these themes, that should be done by a lot more people in hopes that it might, just might raises awareness that these substances are not as devilish and life-threatening as they are described by most governements. They are not completely harmless but there are so many other legal ways to ruin your life, and I'm not just talking about alcohol and meds.

  2. White is the most righteous of all the races Are they n0t?….if butt raping their children was legal itd be cause of white people…the wall must be build cause of frijoleros. But if it was whites what wall?

  3. Smoking pot past the age of 22 is sad. Before people defend it, for every successful Seth Rogen you have about a million potheads that don't want to leave the couch in their mom's basement.

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