Steve Bannon Wants a Border Wall Made of Hemp | MERRY JANE NEWS

This Monday, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers joined the chorus of state leaders calling for cannabis reform in 2019. Evers just announced that his next state …


  1. How about how illegals come in and dont pay taxes but use all of our social benefits costing us 126Billion every single year? That problem still needs to be solved. Im a Hemp Wall supporter

  2. Uncle Snoop I really like this Lady bringing me the news. Can we keep her at this position? I have come to rely on her to give me all my cannibis news. I trust her information.

  3. It's a good thing that medical marijuana is en route to the UK on time for March 29th, except that it's priced like a no-deal-Brexit hit the weed market already XD

    This the best video segment on MerryJane, keep it up AND "god speed & good weed" to you too!

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