Steve-O: Snorting HIV positive blood

Steve-O remembers being allowed small amounts of alcohol from an early age, lists all the drugs he’s done throughout his life and relives a particularly …


  1. HIV can only be contaminated by blood to blood, like open wounds,, even then hiv dies in spilt blood very very quickly
    So snorting won't be bad unless the blood is fresh, and you have open nasal wounds

  2. Steve is the living embodiment of what us A.A. from the ghettos of America have known and spoke on for years. YOU CANNOT KILL A DOPEFIEND. YOU CANT CATCH A CRACKHEAD. THE PROTRACTED DRUG USE, IF IT DOES NOT KILL THEM, MAKES THEM ALMOST SUPER HUMAN. IN MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT. Notice How his sober spirit is better than alot of people's inebriated spirit.

  3. Him, Bam and the whole gang have always been trainwrecks. Complete disasters crying for help! But hey, instead of anyone helping them, everyone just put them on MTV and called it "Reality TV Entertainment" Not shocked

  4. To those people who think a little rub of brandy on baby's gums or a little splash of wine at the holidays is not a big deal listen to me.I was from a family whose background was French and there was always a half filled glass of wine on the table for the children for Christmas or other special occassions. That being said, all four of my grandparent's kids are highly educated from the Boston Conservatory for Classical Piano to Georgetown for Law…and are highly funtioning drunks. Coincidence? I don't think so. Even "good" families with good intentions can be so very stupid when it comes to this outdated and dangerous tradition.

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