Surprising truths about legalizing cannabis | Ben Cort | TEDxMileHigh

In 2012, Colorado legalized cannabis and kickstarted a multibillion dollar industry with every product imaginable — brownies, gummy bears, granola bars, even …


  1. The only thing stronger weed means is I don’t have to burn a fatty to get the same results I get with two tokes of today’s high THC weed. Thats using less weed instead of more like this guy is saying.

  2. Which version of The Holy Bible Gen. 1:12 reads "I have given you all these seed baring plants to use"? Neither my King James version nor the New Testimate reads that way at all. That is however an exact quote from a Cypress Hill track…I am doubting this guy's credibility and I am barely 2 minutes in. LUL!! Even tho I am an avid daily cannabis smoker, I happen to agree that we are trying to turn cannabis in to something that it is not, but that is how business and industry works in the USA. We market things to make people think they are more usefull than they really are. We do it with food, clothing, cars, electronics, cosmetics….the list goes on and on. Why would a commodity like cannabis be any different?

  3. So the guy doesn't smoke. That's fine. I don't smoke either. That's fine, too. Letting others smoke as much as they want, though, is key. SMOKE. IT. OUT. It is a free country and the private jails are full.

  4. THC opens your mind reason Chinese and native Americans used it. So when you already have issues it brings it to the forefront making you face your issues. THC in my opinion can be used in thepary same as LSD was made for. THC is natural if regulated correctly.

  5. The system makes everything addictive and poisonous not just weed but food and water. The entertainment the society the cultures are all designed to make us self destruct.

  6. Wait, but what about how all medicine is purified to the one molecule that is being targeted? Take any essential oil, nsaids LET ALONE OPIOIDS—none of this is “natural.” He then tries to champion for minorities not consuming THC… and present THC as a source for anxiety and depression?? Couldn’t be due to social stigma, lack of respect, abandonment, and much more… this man is a total tool. How he spins his argument and uses certain terms like “hey man”… snake.

  7. Oh give a break… I wonder how much money this undercover Pastor is getting from “Office of Drug Control” or the DEA to promote this anti-drug propaganda. Weed is weed, a natural substance cultivated for recreational use regardless of THC content or pesticide use. I wonder if he has a message on tobacco or vaping as well. The minute he quoted scripture I knew he’s in with the Conservative Christian Right. Now, they have to change up their step, instead of “abstinence” or “just say no”, it’s well your weed isn’t “natural” or safety concerns…

  8. This "CBD vs THC" campaign is simply an attempt to preserve the cash cow of corrupt prohibition. If we are to believe that we need "healthy mind and healthy body", why then are some so obsessed with favouring physioactive remedy over psychoactive? The truth, in my opinion, is that you need both, in appropriate measure, for whatever ails you.

  9. Cbd and thc both activate the same cannabis type Neuroreceptors. In a nutshell that means they both have the same physiological effect [get you high]. CBD is less effective than THC so it requires more. And it’s slightly more complex than that, but those facts or enough to show he’s talking without understanding fully what he’s talking about.

  10. By this guys words you better not eat anything from anywhere…Even your own garden….pesticides,fertilizer hydroponics that grows tomatoes"potatoes and every other vegetable that we've grown various ways to produce bigger sweeter and more of whatever

  11. i agree with weed being to strong these days, i hadn't smoked in years and i took one hit off a bowl and it had me feeling like i was drunk! i used to smoke weed every day as a kid growing up, me and my buddies would burn through ounces in a weekend but i never got as high as i did off this new stuff, give me that dirt weed LMAO

  12. Dude seriously. Keep you dann identity politics out of this argument. It doesn't matter, we are a people of individuals not a group so watch yourself man. Your gonna make a lot if enemies. Other than that good talk

  13. He's a propagandist for big pharma and our government. The largest consumers of sweets are adults. I don't care if cannabis is sold as a sweet treat. You must show identification. So how exactly will this affect the youth?

  14. LoL….LMAO So glad that someone has the guts enough to tell the people. But their so dumbed-down already and don't care that it's being used to change the system. Before they know it.
    They'll be so stoned that they'll follow with out a fight. Go ahead and ask any one of them how the economy is doing? 🤤

  15. I know everything I need to know about it. 100 day autoflower in coco/perlite with a 4 bulb T-5 200 watt, 75% humidity, 75 deg F, 0–>1000ppm bloom, 5.8ph, gets me 120 grams dry. Some the most glorious looking sticky stuff I've ever seen. Plenty for my once a week habit. Lasts me a year and a half. I sprinkle some on homemade pizza before I bake it sometimes.

  16. just like most sjw's… they don't care about justice they care about power or money or……….
    this is the democratic party people…
    good talk relative to ted and… but yet some anti welth rederic… some pc…. some lenguage….

    also while thc is bad i belive in freedom more…
    people should have the right to poisen them selfs and get high if they want to…..

  17. Every argument he says can be applied to any type of intoxicating or not 100% healthy habit. Cigs and alcohol and opiods and anything else like that are more likely to be consumed by lower income people and that is just a fact. No one intelligent is trying to say weed or thc or any of that is a perfectly healthy sustainable habit, it is that it should be every legal adults right to consume what they want, as long as they know the risks.

  18. I will have to disagree with this guy at time 7:35 it's not about being poor I do smoke and I have seen some pretty rich and wealthy people walk in the dispensary and buy marijuana. Yes that right alot of dispensary's do use a bunch of different things to treat the plants but some people at least try to use all natural stuff to keep the infestations of bug down and a lot of marijuana is grown out side too it is not always grown inside. Do your research and you can find more natural then chemicals. Beside I have been smoking marijuana for 43 years now and I'm still pretty healthy. Beside if some of you people actually stayed in the pain I stay in I bit you would try almost anything. Beside you even messed up the BIBLE scripture it's GEN c1 v29 where the Bible tells you that YESHUA put it on Earth to use. beside the Bible also say that they will be a fallen away from the Bible just like I have seen Al to often. Man lives so much by his own hypocrisy he is to blind to see the real truth of the Bible any ways. Well peace out.

  19. I'm 43 and started smoking at 19. Barely drink once every 4 years and tried a few different drugs and found they just weren't for me. To quote Chappelle from half baked I dont do drugs I smoke weed

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