1. I love that image of the old woman getting her brains scattered by the cop. I wanna have someone paint an American flag behind it for me so I can hang it up in my living room. Great piece.

  2. Na pot is both Tegridy and integrity. Why is that man made shit kill's like flie's in a fly trap. While pot is all the healing you can get live it need it want it. And enjoy it as all you want. And you ever need is a good old fashion Mary Jane does me so right. So what you need to do right about now. Next time you go to church rip out a bible paper roll that in a blunt. Blow a big holy smoke in the preacher face. And say this is my holy lord Mary of Christ. And what can i say. I am bad as Kenny. And a weed grower like Randy. After all i was tought at four year's old how to grow about 4 in a half I was smoking my own shit and growing my own from my step dad seed's.

  3. You know I kinda wish Winnie the Pooh did come back as a zombie and got revenge. Randy’s been annoying me this whole season with his fucking weed fetish. No wonder Stans pissed at him 24/7.

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