1. I am a 100% Disabled Veteran, 30% Service Connected, and I have cancer.. If that is not enough, on my plate, The VA tests me for marijuana, which is legal in my State, NH, for medical use, and if I test positive for weed, by the VA, then the VA limits my care and treatment by denying me pain medication for my degenerative disc disease.. I have Prostate Cancer and my PSA Score was @9.1 in January.. Since then I have been using THC Oil and CBD Oil and my PSA Score has gone down to 7.8 in April, and down to 7.4 just a week ago.. The VA, right away, wanted to take my prostate out, (I'd be peeing in an adult diaper for a year) and a 2nd opinion (paid for by, but outside the VA) said they wanted me to continue what I am doing, but if I do the VA will limit my care and treatment for my degenerative disc disease. What am I to do, in 2 days, when my script runs out..? Hit the streets and look for pills..? I don't think so.. The 10th Amendment says "THE GOVERNMENT IS WRONG when and where medical marijuana is concerned.. Along with so many other disabled Veterans, I can't afford a doctor, in the community, that does not answer to Uncle Sam(antha) and that would prescribe pain medication to those Veterans that are left out in the cold by their Government.. between a rock and a hard place is where you can find me, along with a lot more Disabled Veterans, if you happen to look..

  2. Many veterans including myself NEED this for our benifit, along with those who have permanent disabilities. It is FOOLISH to even be illegal. Consider ALL the alchohol statistics compared to marijuana use. The facts are there, its unfortunate politicians who oppose it have this ancient way of thinking, growing up to believe it is bad but I guarantee they've done it in their earlier days.

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