1. Hey there again. This is my testimony, Monday, Oct 21 Toronto Canada. 4:41pm. Marijuana is rigged. They have rigged it. They? You know who they are. The Ones who know. The Illuminati as many may call them. They look at us an laugh. Stoned out of our minds, unaware of the unseeable dangers always lurking, sapping our soul energy through drugs and fornication. Today is the day i rid myself of everything marijuana. It has its benefits, but i truly believe, cannabis is being manipulated! I can only write so much. PLEASE IF YOURE READING THIS STAY AWAY FROM SMOKING CANNABIS OR ANY DRUG STAY AWAY FROM PORN STAY AWAY STAY AWAYYYYYYYYY. STAY AWAY FROM THE THINGS YOUR ELDERS WOULD TELL YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. Disagree. Ram Dass anyone… drugs aren’t the ultimate answer but they’re sure fucking helpful… to be clear we’re talking about natural medicine from the earth that’s here to open our mind and expand our consciousness… do you know how many people are waking up with he help of psychedelics?? It’s really helpful and important. Honestly I don’t want to watch the video after skimming the comments. Being stuck in The normal state of consciousness is the problem with the world… people are on caffeine , alcohol and sober… which leads to a fucked up world… psychedelics are life changing, mind opening, eye opening medicines that are helping to wake up the world… obviously this rubs me the wrong way, maybe my ego is involved, I just think it’s annoying that this video comes up near the top of the search for Spiritual cannabis… do you know how many people would never start down a spiritual path without plant allies… just a healthy alternative opinion here… I’m gonna watch the video now…

  3. Thank you for having the courage to speak out on this rather delicate subject. I agree with almost everything you say. The exception would be drinking ayahuasca. I believe if it is taken in a protected environment with a “true” indigenous shaman, the benefits are immense. One of the first things a true shaman will do is to protect the space and the individuals. Outside of that environment I agree with what you say. I’ve also lost many friends to cannabis addiction. It’s painful to watch.

  4. havent smoked in weeks feel much more alert and confident. Have been on the border of thinking it's the best thing ever and the most evil thing in the world for me for a very long time. Even tough im sober now i have of couple of plants growing outside. Still think they are beautiful and see them as my babies. Should i cut them down before being tempted at using it again once they are ready? What would you do? honest opinion

  5. Well said & agreed. I'm still a "smoker" but in moderation, which I'm consciously reducing, as I am anything that anchors me to the lower frequencies… It makes non action ok & the Only times Ive ever experienced psychic attack was when stoned!!

  6. Agreed. From personal experience with cannabis over years of my life from 15 – 26 and again from 35-39. It has some ability for insightfulness but that gets lost with chronic use and instead your everything changes..energy physically, mentally, emotionally. Towards the end of my use I no longer felt like me. After quitting I faced many challenges with the dark entities in my dreams tempting me to use again. I 100% agree that they are trying to siphon light/energy from people who are stoned. I had a huge awakening 16 months ago that this war of dark siphoning light has been my life story with narcissistic individuals that I had been unaware of consciously but nonetheless drained by and IMO why I went to weed in the first place..for relief..except catch 22 the entity of the plant does the SAME thing..siphons light. I have since reclaimed my sovereignty and power. Today I celebrate my 100th day cannabis FREE..hence why I came looking for a great video to watch and came across yours! Thank you for speaking up about this. I am speaking about it now too and will continue to as I have the life experience on both sides of this dynamic. ??

  7. I agree fully that looking and acting in the world is most powerfull when done from the center of one's self. However I would have never guessed or known the depths of myself and the potential if I hadn't taken shrooms. I can't be sure and maybe it warped my vision but still… I think the fungus has great information to show, however not without it's risks!

  8. THANK YOU for speaking up on this. I agree totally. Taking drugs to get high is like Taking Heaven by Force. Smoking cannabis is a dead end path and will not lead to higher consciousness, enlightenment, or our ascension. It is a trap. Nothing is more powerful than our heart and mind, unadulterated, connected to our Higher Self or Source; and this can't be done with a drug. Drugs get in the way of this natural path.

  9. In one way the main message in this video, indirectly, which is so desperately needed in our society nowdays I think, is:
    Thinks are not BLACK AND WHITE. With the "bad or good"-mindset that most people have today they're very easily controlled. With just a pinch of reversed psychology the elite can just move a group of people from one controlled box to another controlled box

  10. Very interesting, I totally understand what you're saying, and it is important that people are aware of this, thank you for making this video.
    But what about meditation? doesn't meditation also alter your consciousness? I've also heard of people who have had negative reactions to meditation. Sometimes I wonder if it's the substance/method itself or the person who's using them that cause a negative reaction.
    And another thing, if we are wired to interact with medicine plants and have these experiences – either through practicing meditation or using psychedelics or holotropic breath work – doesn't it mean that there are some benefits to these altered states? of course everything should be done in moderation and respect, since overdoing anything is never good or beneficial.
    These things are definitely not for everyone, but maybe for some it works?

  11. If only you could let the Geos know this on Beyond the veil YouTube channel. They literally promote phycadelics and weed etc and slam anyone who even tries to say anything different. The arrogance is crazy on that channel. The content started to get bad so I just stopped watching but there's a big following being heavily misinformed while these people are rolling in it

  12. Been a daily Cannabis smoker for 9 years, took Ayahuasca on my own (first ever Psychedelic) daily/near daily for 4 years and have had a handful of experiences with other Psychedelics after my Aya experimentation, and i disagree personally, at least for me, i've had nothing but good come from Psychedelics, and Cannabis does have some downsides so don't get me wrong, i've experienced some negatives of Cannabis but i still like it even though it's not much for me these days and i have Aya largely to thank for that. I don't follow new age circles or conspiracy circles, i just go within and follow my own soul. I don't believe in entities or possessions or anything like that, i don't believe in satan/the devil and i'm not a follower of mainstream religions. Ayahuasca for me has been completely a positive thing in my life, Cannabis has had some downsides, but i have not been possessed (as far as i'm aware) and i'm certainly open minded to whatever may come my way, so i'm not closed off or set in stone in terms of my beliefs or lack thereof, but i just haven't seen any legitimate reason/evidence for me personally to believe in entities and such. I have had a few experiences with Aya where it felt like i was connected to entities and channeling them, but i need far more entity experiences to say for sure and make up my mind about it, but entities are not what Aya has been about for me, it's been about mind, body and soul/spirit.

  13. Dear Tony, thank you for Getting into that topic. I can confirm what you talk about. Own experience led to serious insight. It is all about vibrational resonance, tuning into something and then transmitting the wanted information from the client system towards the host. This “opening up” is achieved on lower vibrational realms quite easily with substances that alter ones state of consciousness, The Arab etymological origin of the word alcohol, al ghoul, is quite an interesting point to commence ones research regarding this topic. Then one could continue asking oneself how spoken words, mantras and geometric shapes behave in terms of structural resonance that creates interfaces for 4D informational interference. Would be interesting to tackle the whole yoga practice from that point of view, because every geometric shape has its intrinsic vibrational signature to put it that way, so if one takes a certain pose with ones body, a geometric configuration is obtained that has its own resonant frequency and thus can be used as entering point for 4d interference…. the same with mandalas etc…. I have a slight feeling that a lot of the teachings and practices from the “east”, that are quite popular within the new age prison, are Trojan horses, highly intelligently designed and packaged, brilliantly serving the Zeitgeist (…hahaha, another brilliant coup, big respect to Lucis Trust for this masterpiece of new age deception….).

  14. I do agree on cannabis had this happening to myself . I used to be a heavy smoker . Once my vibration rised I did not want to smoke but I done it anyway out of a habit once more on a sunny day and straight after like 5minutes I felt my vibration dropping . My mood shifting to being not myself instantly . I had heavy entity attachments during stoner period I had . It was messing with my head heavily . Each time I smoked If I did meditate I felt physically entities entering my pineal gland and surrounding me ..

    I would like to hear your opinion on meditation Tony . As you are suggesting to stay in your own consciousness . So what about expanding and connection with the source ? What is your take on that ?

    Thank you

  15. Yes, difficult topic. I was a daily smoker and a moderate drinker…. weekend warrior. Still partake but have made myself slow down. Not easy to say but I believe everything you said in this video is true and important to get out there– keep up the good work Tony! God bless

  16. The question i feel that needs to be addressed , is why the psychedelics themselves don't really heal . In fact around 97 per cent of the healing modalities out today are pointless , as they never reach the core issues , hence why 8 yrs ago i spent 6 mts in peru doing ayahausca and iboga once , so heres what i think , ayahausca brings up a lot of subconscious fears and past life issues that have not been addresses and ancestral cellular memory, but it heals very little of these issues , this is debateable to a lot of people, as all websites on ayahausca , are hyped up , and i did a lot of ceremonies , people rarely tell the truth but instead live in their illusion , and truth is plant medicines dont heal , do they attract entities , yes but they really can only effect you if the issues are already within , like tonys example of the guy with suicidal thoughts, i know from experience thats its most likely that he already has these thoughts deep down within , smoking weed makes some people paranoid, there already paranoid it just heightened the feeling , so i believe the plant tell you what is wrong with you , but thats it , the real question is why 97 per cent of healing modalities are nothing more than a hit of energy that feels good for a while and wears off , i have done the chakra removal with tony , and in truth its not a hit but more like a knowing on what you have to do yourself , but in fairness to his honesty , he would acknowledge that himself , and you yourself have to figure out the rest

  17. I agree with you 100% Tony.
    I spent four decades of my life never trying illicit drugs, even weed. In my forties, after a marriage breakdown, moving cities and being homeless, I was introduced to the "wonders" of cannabis. I have also had recurring bouts of depression, anxiety and PTSD over the years.
    At first, it seemed to REALLY help me. It was calming, I felt immediate spiritual awakening and connection. My innate psychic powers ramped up a few notches.
    After several months, it brought on nightmares, panic attacks, flashbacks and paranoia.
    Sure, once it helped ease severe back pain. So be it. Now I buy legal hemp oil from my local chemist for pain relief.

    I made a choice to stop smoking it. I also told my newly-found stoner "friends" that I wasn't doing it anymore because of my mental health.
    Out of those so-called mates, all of them abandoned me, and one is a permanent enemy. That former "friend" has been experiencing drug-induced schizophrenia, hearing voices, being paranoid, wants to kill themself and others, and is a toxic person to be around with zero friends.
    That's the dirty little secret that pro-drug users don't want to admit, either to themselves or others: that the truth about drug-induced pychosis and poor mental health is ALL TOO REAL. The psychiatric wards are full of them.

    These days, I have made enemies of drug dealers and junkies who are my neighbours. I continue to stand my ground and call them out for their behaviour. Every day, I have to watch my back. Every time I leave the house.
    My panic attacks are gone. Yet the fear for my personal safety is very real indeed.
    Some of those people are now taking meth.
    The violence and murders close to home don't stop them. The police surveillance and jail sentences don't stop them.
    They waste away like walking corpses. They have no fear of authority and are brazen, dealing in broad daylight, in public.

    I sincerely believe in my heart that this is a spiritual, demonic attack on humanity. I am facing a demonic stronghold in my apartment block.
    They have already told me they want me dead.
    I refuse to quit. I will continue to speak the truth. I refuse to hide or live like a prisoner in my own home anymore.
    God bless Tony.

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