1. But you can buy a half gallon of rum drink it and kill your wife and kids then kill someone on the road from drunk driving and this retarded man is concerned about more kids using marijuana if it’s legal.

  2. Just move out of the backwards state. As far as I know I only get one life and I’m an adult. If I’m not hurting anyone what gives. I can buy alcohol and actually kill people so wtf! I can get cancer from cigarettes. Screw this dumbass state. Two words OLD PEOPLE! Back in Washington I smoked and I was perfectly fine! No one I ever knew got into trouble on weed. Now when I call my dad who still lives there I here him light one up to relax after work and I’m jealous! I got a friend who’s husband is an alcoholic because there’s nothing else to relax with and he has a high stress job. He prefers pot to relax and he’s nicer on weed than he is drunk! I moved here only because my husband’s job needed us to move, and since I been here I’ve smelled weed almost everyday from
    My happy neighbors who by the way never get into a fight like me and my husband. They’re to relaxed! I work customer service and in can’t tell you how bad I wish I could just put on a good documentary and light one up after a day of being yelled at by crazy people. I try having a drink instead to relieve stress but my stomach always hurts. I end up feeling like shit off a few sips

  3. I live in N.C and I don't ever expect my state nor any other Bible thumping state to ever go legal or medical. What Gov McCrory signed into law is pathetic, doesn't even contain THC..We should be able to grow our own plants, like a damn vegetable garden..

  4. Just legalize it you greedy ass old men don't know a damn thing you're just talking out of your old ass you people are the reason we have Sc citizens move states just to get medical help WHICH IS LEGAL

  5. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

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