1. A professor of mine who did some research on molluscs/filter feeders told me that there's a disturbing amount of parasites in the species we tend to eat (specifically oysters). Just about every sample he looked at was contaminated so he stopped eating any form of filter feeder.

  2. Gardening has a huge impact. Keep your own chickens/cows/fowl. Grow your own vegetables if you can. Buy from local farms and farmers’ markets. Factory farming is grotesquely unethical and food produced from factory farming is unhealthy. A million people can say “changing my lifestyle won’t have an impact.” It does.

  3. Losing weight, saving money, more energy, better sleep , clearer thinking – went vegan 2 November & these are already the results. And I hate animal cruelty & want no part in the killing of 60,000,000,000 animals each year. Yes 60 billion, think about it !!

  4. i will kill and eat animals and any shallow vegan based morality is a load of shit, acknoledge the circle of life and your place in it and accept that you have to kill to eat. whether its actual livestock, hunting or plowing a field for crop, something HAS to die. it might be mice, it might be birds, it will certainly be insects. nobody fucking wants to see animals suffer, and yeah we are all a bit selfish for not doin anythin more about it but fuck man vegans are so irritating always with the moral high ground shit.

  5. So I'm guessing now that he is a vegan, he needs to test his bloodstream for "roundup" and or all types or fertilizers used in plant based production. If he has elevated toxicity, then what is he gonna eat?

  6. I’m perfectly fine killing and eating a animal. My problem is the way it’s done.. keeping something in a cage it’s whole life only to kill it and start the gutting/skinning process before it’s even 100% dead is wrong.. Killing a adult deer that’s lived a good part of its life and is gonna get hit by a car or eaten by wolfs anyways is fine… they need population control anyways..

  7. I don’t understand this whole confusion about plant diet being healthy. With all the advancements in developed countries they haven’t still figured out diet. I am a vegan, most Hindus and Jains are vegans or vegetarians. We all live well, healthy. I usually pass off as 6 years younger to my actual age brimming with energy, eating only plant based. Start learning how to cook delicious Veggies, use spices. Try Indian or some other plant predominant Eastern Asian diets.

  8. Fishing is just as cruel if not more than culling cattle. Just because you cannot sympathise with them? What is wrong with people. Its the same logic behind racism in my view. Nothing wrong with saving a mammal but a fish, nah mate fuck them, right? edit I eat a lot of meat and some fish, I am just saying. People logicalize in weird ways, autstic/Asberges people are probably the greatest logic machines which shows up society a whole lot seeing as they are often against the grain on most issues.

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