The Value of cbd Products for Pain and Inflamation



  1. A couple of misleading/misinformed public comments here re CBD. Hemp oil does NOT contain CBD, it is distinct from CBD oil, eliquid, edibles, etc. As for CBD only being effective in conjunction with THC, that's nonsense too. CBD's effectiveness may vary from person to person, dosage, etc. but it WORKS for legions of people. I've been vaping 400mg CBD daily for 2 months & the benefits have been obvious, not least the fact that the golfer's elbow I'd had for nearly 1 year ( as a result of chin ups I believe ) which has prevented me from training has GONE. Yes, gone. Coincidence? I don't think so. CBD is marvellous stuff, it is utterly ridiculous that this life enhancing, safe & suitable for all substance is not legal in many places. In fact it's an outrage.

  2. No disrespect to all the positive comments but I tried CBD for inflammation, mild anxiety for one month and saw no relief. Doing a little research showed that most clinical studies used cbd that combined THC. Hemp oil won’t produce same results. Few states allow sale and use of cbd and they sure as hell won’t allow sale of one with THC. Buyer beware and do your homework ?? thanks Ric and guest for vid.

  3. That CBD train is long and everyone's hopping on it seems. CBD is great no doubt, after the dust settles people will understand praising CBD alone is like praising a new car only for its tires. CBD works much better with some THC present, THC is also anti viral, anti fungal and has many other benefits. The Cannabis plant has 100+ cannabinoids that work in a synergistic effect in the body. WHOLE PLANT medicine is the key. Thank you Ric for this video.

  4. My mother in law has arthritis so bad it put her in the hospital on multiple ocassions. I put her on charlottes web cbd oil and 6 months later she is 90% better, she hasn't been back to the hospital and runs around like she's in here 20's. She is 75. Sh e put s10 drops in here coffee 2x a day, it's a 500mg bottle i think.

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