They had zero experience with cannabis. Now they run a hemp farm.

Despite having zero prior experience working with weed and knowing very little about hemp-derived CBD — a natural strain of cannabis that’s legal to have and …


  1. But Cannabis and Hemp are two different things……apparently I'm wrong. They are both Cannabis, but hemp is not marijuana. I feel like when people say Cannabis, they mean marijuana because that's what it sounds like.

  2. I'm a decorated, disabled vet with 15 years of honorable Military service. In 2013 I was diagnosed with PTSD. My question is how do I go about getting hired at a weed shop and does my PTSD diagnosis prevent me from working in the trade? I live in San Pedro California (Los Angeles)

  3. These places aint got no tegridy, im gonna start a small <1acre farm and i will tend to my plants with so much more care than an industrial farm like this would

  4. Omg dam shame .. I remember when people like this talked shit about weed now every one jumping I band wagon ALL OF THAT IS RUINED HANGING THERE. AND I DONT KNOW HPW U RUIN BOO BOO GRADE BUT SOME HOW THEY DID GET OUT THW BUZ AND LEAVE IT TO THOSE WHO DID THIS BEFORE IT WAS THE IN THING AND LEGAL

  5. If its all just for CBD purposes they are doing great but other then that I just wanna say the trimming was crap don't run a branch through your hand yanking off the buds and when your trimming don't leave huge ass water leaves on the buds not that it matters u screwed those to anyways I got a lot of errors I could bring up but won't, even if your technique sucks u got money to produce more then I can at the moment so good job I suppose lol cheers 😅😎

  6. Must be nice to be silver spooned know kiss ur daddy's ass then go to momma & ask for a tit then get accommodated with what ya need to grow SHIT MARY JANE !!! Fuck what a travesty 👎 go fuck yourself & no I am definitely not jealous I just think it's extremely nut's how people like you exist but sure enjoy that $$$$$$$$ that you are getting & be sure to do the right thing with that " weed " & make damn sure you wipe ur ass with it cause it look's like something the plumber pulled outta my fucking toilet just 2 weeks ago lmfao

  7. You can tell they don't have a clue by the way they dry there cannabis in a room with lots of daylight it should be dried in a dark room with controlled humidity and controlled temperature

  8. Smart! Let's quit school jump into a field we know nothing about. Competing with almost every farm in America with farmers and growers who have degrees and/or over 20years experience growing cannabis. This is how product value and price crash. This is how we hand it over to the large companies like Monsanto. Keep digging for gold, morons.

  9. Guys like this would have to grow their own. Robbed a million weanies just like this in highschool, back when weed was still for "poor degenerates" rich kids need to stay in college.

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