Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets Collab || Weight Loss Journey 2019

Hey guys! It’s collab time! Here I talk about my top 5 kitchen Gadgets! I want to thank From Dumpy To Diva one more time for inviting me to this! Much love!


  1. My fave IP recipe is fall apart beef roast with potatoes, carrots and onions…but I use it weekly for baked potatoes, rice, hard boiled eggs, chicken breasts in broth, and beans…i love cheesecake in the IP…small portions, for 6 servings, when the family is coming over…

  2. Hi, just subscribed to your came over from Planning Us Healthy! love her channel. I love my instant I have 3. I use my air almost everyday. I'm gonna have to try the banana ice cream sounds yummy. Looking forward to your videos.

  3. What I love about collabs is finding new channels. Just subscribed. I do weekly shoutouts to my viewers to let them know about new channels. I will be shouting you out on Sunday the 18th. Hope you pick up some new subscribers I have 2 channels. I don’t post on this one. The one I’m shouting you out on is Let’s Get Fit with Sandy. Sorry for the confusion ~~~Sandy

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