Trainwreck Marijuana Monday

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  1. Remo I have a qustion if you can answer
    Does nettle compost tea help making my plant buds grow bigger or does help the plant on the flowering stage ? Its my first plant ever and Im starting to read more and more about growing cannabis

  2. Holmes and yoyo looks awesome. My old man graduated HS in 1975.He told about smoking Acapulco Gold back in 1969. It was golden yellow and he got so stoned that when he moved his hands, they left tracers. Weed is insanely strong now but the old land races had certain qualities that the young stoners will never experience . Those old strains are the building blocks for the turbo herb we smoke today but I’d love to try the old Oaxacan, Colombian red hair or Thai stick. The old school herb that forces a smile on your face and makes you laugh uncontrollably with your friends.

  3. The true original strain Trainwreck…I can tell by the color, looks like a bag of gold I was only privileged to enough to hold once, in either Laytonville or Willits…got some "Trainwreck" after that a few times at dispensaries, but it was more green…and the taste didn't match up.

  4. Dear Remo,

    I truly believe that the future of weed nutes is organic.

    Buds that I bought from dispensary lately taste like they have pesticides in them. In the bud I bought, the smell test revealed that it smelled like cut lawn.

    It's gotta be the only way. Imagine it, Trainwreck that is grown to full maturity, the taste spectrum has got to be magnificent.

    Remo, please consider an organic line of products.

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