TRUMP VS CHINA G20 News 2019 – Hemp Legalization And US Farm Bill

In this video me and aaron from departures talk about the trump vs china G20 news and also touch up on an article about hemp legalization and US Farm Bill All …


  1. Guys, focus on HEMP first. . .couple of YouTube videos, one being "Ministry Of Hemp," can inform you why, first and foremost, the 75 year BAN on HEMP/WEED began and how it truly catered to the "Archie Bunkers of 1937." Hemp and weed are truly NOT the same. You guys being as incisive as you are. . . .you'll understand. You'll see why hemp was included in the farm bill. The secondary aspect? CBD can help with opioid addiction. Hemp CBD is like kale. No need for concerns about legal issues. Weed? OK, now you can split hairs about medicinal and recreational. Focus on HEMP.

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