U.S. vs. Canada — Trulieve, Curaleaf, Canopy, Aurora Earnings Reports [Cannabis StockCast #34]

Major cannabis companies in the U.S. and Canada announced their quarterly earnings last week. I breakdown what these numbers say for each company, and …


  1. I appreciate you putting in the study time and research and sharing with us. Truly valuable for us that do not have a lot of time to put in all the leg work. Thank you Anthony!!

  2. Looking forward to your future report of US Multistate operators. 
    Looks like we're bottoming on sector. Tough fall. I'm still optimistic there will ultimately be huge growth for best companies
    News on US potential decriminalization sounding optimistic toward future US legalization; should help to propel sector forward.

  3. Like the concept of the video bro….yes liked these stocks as well got into some positions like CGC, and took an option call on ACB…Thanks for sharing .KEEP UP THE GRIND????

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