Vaping, pot and our health

Vaping was meant to be a healthier way to wean cigarette smokers off highly addictive nicotine. But as it turns out, e-cigarettes are anything but healthy or safe.


  1. I used to vape and I used to cough like a heavy smoker every single morning…so glad I quit! I agree that it's an addiction just like any other substance not meant for us to consume. Lungs are already assaulted daily by the environmental pollution we can not control, why add to that and end up seriously ill.

  2. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine are NOT toxic. They are approved by Canadian, American and British health and food agencies and used in hundreds of products that we both breathe and ingest on a daily basis. Please stop spreading misinformation. If you can't spread a message without resorting to propaganda and fear mongering then, there is no value in the message. Also, I'm a 34 year old and I like candy and dessert flavors. Since when did adults stop liking sweets?

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