Vaping Risks – What Vaping Can Do to Your Mouth

Is vaping bad for you or are there any vaping risks? Does vaping cause cancer or other e-cig related oral health issues? If you’re an e-cigarette smoker, these …


  1. This would explain the very rapid recession I have experienced when starting to vape two weeks ago. As someone just started smoking and who only smoked cigarettes for two weeks and then switched to vaping this last month I have been dismayed at the rapid gum recession. I have been a patient struggling with periodontal disease for going on 12 years and still haven't lost any teeth but this vape is SERIOUSLY bad news for my gums. I think with smoking it's easier to limit yourself. It's disgusting and easier to deny yourself a cig than a vape. At least it was for me. Vaping 150-300 puffs a day at increasing nicotine levels ranging from 6-18mg has messed up my gums (probably permanently) after only two weeks of vaping.

    This won't happen to everyone but if you already have gum disease of any kind stay away.

  2. Been vaping for 3 months now, last week I started to feel my mouth is always dry along with very bad breath, today I noticed a lots of gums resetio specially on the upper anter teeth.
    Be careful guys.

  3. Complete and utter bullshit! These effects are from smoking cigarettes not vaping. I,m curious how much Big Tobacco has payed this dokter. Stop smoking start vaping. On the rise amongst kids? Could be they would be smoking instead. Kids switch from smoking to vaping
    The most bizarre effect of this fear mongering campaign is the potential ban on vaping but the continuating of Tobacco sale. Preposterous!

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