Views from Tokyo: Should Japan follow Canada and legalize recreational marijuana?

What do Tokyoites and tourists think of Canada legalizing pot for recreational use? Could or should it ever happen in Japan? [Note: This video was created and …


  1. In the first 6 months of legalization of cannabis here in Canada, over 150,000 jobs have been created because of legal pot. Cannabis is not only safer than alcohol, but it is also safer than tobacco cigarettes. Cannabis can be used to help people to quit tobacco as well…

  2. Given Japan's widely embraced abuse of alcohol by drinking large amounts and the risks attached to it, having an option such as marijuana can give an option for people to relax without risk of liver damage, death by overconsumption and not having a severe hangover.

    Not everybody will like it, but by adding a physically safer option, Japan can reap benefits by reducing impact on work and reducing health care costs.

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