Voter confronts Klobuchar on marijuana legalization

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar discusses legalizing marijuana during her town hall. #FoxNewsTownHall #FoxNews …


  1. As most of you know, I volunteer with church groups to identify and cure people of the marijuana epidemic that is ravaging our great nation. There are people on this thread that have clearly fallen prey to this insidious hard core drug. With the HOAs blessing I would like to start an intervention, with the HOA approved bible of course. We will need to set up a location away from our beloved community as these interventions can become violent when an addict isn't ready to accept the lord and savior into their lives. God bless all HOA members and never give up this necessary fight.

  2. there is NO longer racism in our "justice" system. Sentencing guidelines regulate prison and jail terms, taking judgement out of the hands of "judges".
    Those sentencing guidelines were enacted by congress. So she does not know a damned thing about what she was circuitously trying to avoid with her obnoxiously LONG answer.
    It was Jared Kushner Trump's son-in-law who was pivotal in getting new lower terms for non violent crimes Trump signed into law that which the FAKE NEWS MEDIA claimed he would not. .
    In CA for instance they no longer raid your licensed pot farm to see if you're growing illegal plants, now they raid your property to make sure the gov. gets it 30% cut of the action.
    Demonrats lie like they breathe, naturally with every breath they take..

  3. Trump and loyal members of the GOP in positions of power NEED to track and monitor Democratic money flows. Example, companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter all need to be on Federal Watchlist. They WILL send their stolen money to China before attempting to flea the United States as this goes down.

  4. Legalization is nothing more than a money grab … society will regret this present day attitude … instead leaders will demand even more money to address "mental health" issues … the influx ironically caused by addiction … the circle of ignorance.

  5. It's a a ridiculous argument to claim marijuana can be legalized state-by-state and remain illegal at a federal level. Even when one state has legalized marijuana, the federal government should follow, or else we have a nation that holds on to an ability to trample state rights. It's a yes or no answer.

  6. just legalize and be done             were dealing with a MASSIVE OPIOID GENOICIDE and were still bitchig about how "dangerous" weed is ?    cmon now ppls

  7. Cannabis was outlawed under false pretenses to begin with. As a government you cannot hold multiple medical patents for a thing and then label said thing as "inherently dangerous with no medical use" if you do you are a liar and when you then criminalize it to take cash and property from the people as well, you've also made yourself a thief.

  8. As a Republican, I hate it when politicians use big words…. if she can't reduce it down to words like Bigly and its gonna be Amaaazing, it's just not worth my time.

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