1. I was addicted to pills for nearly a decade. At the age of 43 a friend of mine suggested I try cannabis. It changed my life. I stopped using oxy, and now I take a supplement that is 20mg cbd, 5mg thc. I have no pain! Hallelujah

  2. Epidilox costs something like $32K or something like. Buy the CBD from Charlotte's Web (named after Charlotte Figge) and it's $300 for more than a month supply. Epidilox also has a long list of side effects–a few severe. How does this make any sense (cents). (Don't work for them.)

  3. This plant saved my life. I suffered from chronic pain and depression from having a brother die of a heroin overdose. The same week, I tore my acl, mcl, and a tendon in my knee. A friend recommended medical marijuana, so I picked up some edibles which contained 20mg cbd, 10mg thc. I cut the pieces into a 25% dose, take twice a day. Once at 10am, once at 4pm. No pain, no depression. Saved my life

  4. Marijuana makes you dumb, lazy and submissive that's why the government is legalizing it. The best medicinal marijuana has very little thc. These dopers who grow dope aren't interested in medicinal marijuana because they're dopes who just want to get high. Only dopes smoke dope and if you don't like this comment it's because you're a dope. Stupid ass fucken drug addict dopers. If you smoke dope everyday then you're a drug addicted dope. Stupid fucken dopes

  5. I'm new to the medical Marijuana forum. I'm constantly dealing with my own pain, nothing else I've tried has worked. Will continue to gain knowledge as to the medical aspect. Please continue to keep advancing and spreading the knowledge about this medical breakthrough as well as the safety surrounding the issue based on what it's used for in the medical field.

  6. Prescription marijuana, why grow your own cannabis and vape it. Let’s add chemicals and charge out the ass at Walgreens why turn it into a prescription! That’s the American way!! I have personally seen how well cannabis helps those with addictions to alcohol or opiates, ptsd, seizures, migraines, cramps, the list goes on…. The only reason cannabis isn’t legal is because of the lobbyists wanting only the wealthy big pharmaceutical, tobbaco and alcohol to get rich, and f the poor… Crazy, what a joke!! They are killing people with opiates, and blocking a medicine that can help, and you can’t die from it… How the hell can our government block a dried flower that helps so many? It’s crazy to me that we supposedly put a man on the moon or can land rockets on a platform floating in the ocean, but we can’t figure out as a nation that cannabis is in fact a medicine and a miracle! Or have our government/politicians known about it? They realize that big pharmaceutical, alcohol, and big tobacco is in trouble if they legalize it nationwide. Why do you think they won’t let it be studied, it’s a miracle plant! They don’t care about the long term effects for us! Marijuana can not kill you! Look at opiates, alcohol, and cigarettes they are killing thousands of people a month. It’s all bullshit… Usually I don’t like CNN but this article killed it. Thanks Gupta for what you’re doing. Try cannabis in your life, it’s crazy how much it can help people. It helped me get off opiates and my life back! Plus I worked in a dispensary for a while, I saw everyday how it helped people in theirs. Marijuana isn’t a drug like heroin or cocaine, it really is a medicine.

  7. I have got MS,, only a worthless criminal called a "politician" will say that this does not work.. FACT – WEED WORKS 100% better than pharma rubbish. Any day and every day.. ZERO SIDE EFFECTS … TIME TO WAKE UP THESE LOUSY CROOK POLITICIANS.

  8. When you stop smoking you have no endocannabinoids?! What a load of waffle! If only that were true the living entity would immediately cease, since the endocannabinoid system is the MAIN OPERATING system of the brain and by extension, the body. There is absolutely no internal process that can take place without it. It would be an infinitely better documentary if Gupta had mentioned endocannabinoid DEFFICIENCY instead.

  9. The federal Government NEEDS to address the schedule one classification of cannabis. It's a classification, SO obviously based in corruption and greed, that the claim of public protection is laughable. Uncle Sam's Slip is showing on this one.

  10. they act like 9% thc is gonna give somebody psychosis, ive been smoking for about 6 years and never experienced psychosis. Ive smoked the finest colorado wax when i was living there and have smoked some of the finest wax and flowers of cali cause im living here atm. Your rookie ass is a pussy go get in a fight or spar in a gym and grow some fuckin hair on your vagina.

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