Weed debate: should it be legalised? Damian Marley and Dr D'Ambrosio discuss

Should weed be legal in the UK? What about health risks? We talk to Damian Marley and Dr Frank D’Ambrosio. (Click to subscribe for more Channel 4 News …


  1. So because 90% of the population are too retarded to understand it we have to go without. Cannabis literally opens your subconsious mind and allows you to see "inside" yourself. This is the loss of sense of self he talks about.You litterally get to "drop in to see what condition your condition is in". The first thing people feel when they experience this is fear because they fear the unknown. Once you overcome the fear then the wonderful power of this plant empowers you to think in ways you never would believe possible.

    It should be a compulsory part of a balanced diet never mind illegal.

  2. i only like chesse the taste and effects are wonderfull to me after a long days work you hav to hav smoked weed for bit of time b4 you get used to it but its far less dangerous then drink! i skateboard stoned changed my engine in my car won races in my 205gti if i was pissed i woukd not be able to do this no one die frm weed 0% in the uk mps think it clever to ban weed smokers frm driving effecting there jobs to buy weed not easy to stop for long team users mps dont smoke it how would they no… so il go cold turkey b in pain n speed home to get a j even thow it dnt effect my driving!!

  3. Weed is bettrer . Period ! What's the difference between weed and the powerful dangerous medication like codeine or diazepam the doctors routinely
    prescribe like sweets. Weed is better by far . I have come off sleeping tablets and painkillers like codeine . If they legalize it I would defo try it .

  4. This John snow shouldn’t be allowed to report on this as he made the most bias corrupt program years ago about cannabis . It was so anti cannabis it was a joke

  5. Weed being being illegal for so long has blown my mind. What is wrong with weed it can help curing cancer for etc, I have had 2 family members who didn't go through chemotherapy or smoked weed and unfortunately passed but on the other hand I have had 2 family members who undergo ed chemotherapy and smoked weed after and they fortunately lived. Now alcohol was legalised in around 1933 and to think alcohol is legal but weed isn't is stupid, here's why through research no one seems to know how many people has died from alcohol because the numbers are too high, but averagely around 2.5 million people die from alcohol each year, weed on the other side has no deaths at all people may say it can cause mental side effects such as schizophrenia which is true although I have a friend who has been smoking since 14 and is now 22 he has nothing wrong with him physically nor mentally. Now onto tobacco I'm guessing it wasn't illegal because it is natural as is weed and tobacco can be a reason which causes cancer of the lung, larynx, mouth, esophagus, throat, bladder, kidney, liver, stomach, pancreas, colon and rectum, and cervix, as well as acute myeloid leukemia, yet weed can help cure them but can't always help. So looking back clearly weed seems to be the better one out of the two in general what I'm trying to say is legalise weed! #LegaliseWeed

  6. PURE natural weed with cbd oil context grown under natural sunlight ok, BUT NOT artificial SKUNK because SKUNK is 70% higher in thc and hardly any cbd oil! SKUNK cause PHYCOSIS and I know quite a few guys with phycosis 100%

  7. This guy has a predisposition to being against high THC cannabis from his negative experience with it. It doesn't cause schizophrenia, only people with a family history of it develop life long psychosis. He had no tolerance, he jumped from no tolerance to going way overboard, that's the same as giving a non opioid tolerant person 100mg of intravenous morphine and not understanding why they died. I don't think cannabis is for everybody but some people can use it without any problems or negative effects in their lives. It's up to each adult to make that decision for themselves. That's the definition of freedom plus unfortunately prohibition has done absolutely nothing to stop any drug use what so ever, if anything it's only made drug use more dangerous by handling over control to criminals instead of putting it into the hands of professionals like we do with everything other narcotic.

  8. Boys like all them are saying oh we don’t know how it will affect different people man if u smoke or eat an edible and u get sick or feel weird then it’s just not for u like same as anything else if u eat a food and u feel shite after and get sick and u don’t like it simple as ?

  9. If you do't know the strain do not smoke it. It is the people you surround yourself with that will determine if you are paranoid. Alchol is far worse but crtics area alcholics as per nice regulations. The people are quoting extreme cases. I don't think he knows what skunk with. Aggressive filth, robbed you of your persona, what a complete load of goverment funded anti drug rubbish. You don't know how many people smoke it and you only quote extreme cases. You are a BABY BOOMER who is out of touch with generation X. Baby Boomers have destroyed our society.

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