1. What a bunch of BS! Over a million dollars and endless licensing if you were lucky enough to get a license in the lottery to open a store. If you try without approval, they jail you and block your store with concrete blocks. They even threaten your landlord with jail also.

    Go to a reserve and its ok to open up a shop in a shack though!? WTF is going on? Like this is fucn fair… Unreal…

  2. I wish I belonged to a reservation… I'm so jealous now that aboriginal Canadians get to live in a place where common values and their cultures are respected… Here I sit in my house as everyday people around me move away and are replaced by people that don't speak English and cover themselves head to toe. I just want to live in a country where people male and female can have fun and live and celebrate life. Canada was like that… But not anymore.

  3. The Canadian cannabis market is setup for ex politician and police to get rich while calling everyone else criminals. Legalization went from 8 exiting cannabis laws to 45 plus added fines. Add in bill C-46 with the ridiculous driving penalty's cannabis users can fail up to 72 after consuming just once. This is all setup by Bill Blair for more police funding and clogged courts wasting tax payers money instead of having a open market. After almost 1 year of fake legalization health Canada has issued 1 craft grow license just showing they don't want the existing market to even try and participate. Prohibition didn't work for the last 80 years but they call it legalization now with even more penalty's for cannabis users. What a failed roll out but it's all meant to keep the black market thriving.

  4. Ford Said It Would Open Market For Cannabis Sales Once in Office He Sold Out To The Corporate Big Money OCS IS PURE GARBAGE AND NOT SAFE Much Respect to The Indigenous peoples Providing Safe And Affordable Cannabis ????

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